• NEW Early 2018, I joined nuTonomy as Senior Research Scientist.

    I am extremely excited to be part of a great team reshaping the future of transportation. If you want to join this revolution, see our openings at nuTonomy/careers page.

  • I got covered by CNNTurk - 5N1K. See the full episode or my part.


Robust Low Rank Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Compressed Domain Crowd and Traffic Flow Analysis
C. Dicle, H. Mansour, D. Tian, M. Benosman, A. Vetro
Oral at ICME 2016 (15% acceptance rate) [pdf]

Solving Temporal Puzzles
C. Dicle, B. Yilmaz, O. Camps, M. Sznaier
CVPR 2016 [pdf] [supp] [code]

Self Scaled Regularized Regression
Y. Wang, C. Dicle, O. Camps, M. Sznaier
CVPR 2015 [pdf] [code]

The Way They Move: Tracking Targets with Similar Appearance
C. Dicle, O. Camps, M. Sznaier
Oral at ICCV 2013 (2.7% acceptance rate) [pdf] [code] [video]

Dynamic Subspace-Based Coordinated Multicamera Tracking.
M. Ayazoglu, B. Li, C. Dicle, M. Sznaier, O. Camps
ICCV 2011 [pdf]


I am a Senior Research Scientist at nuTonomy helping autonomous cars of tomorrow to percieve their environment. Before that I was at Shutterstock and prevously at at Ditto Labs developing their next generation computer vision services.

I finished my PhD at Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. I was a member of Robust Systems Lab and worked with Prof. Octavia Camps. My thesis focused on leveraging dynamics in computer vision problems. I tried to illustrate tools and circumstances where better use of dynamics improve the state-of-the-art. I have interned twice at Disney Research Boston and twice at MERL.



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